Lifting Devices

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Whether you need a device inspected, repaired or a completely new custom designed device, IHS can provide you with expert service and advice.

Lift device load testing
Lift device Inspections
Custom fabrications and designs
Non-destructive weld testing

Because each lifting application is different, IHS can review the area and the process in which the device will be used in order to develop the correct lifting device for your application. Contact us with your specific requirements and we can provide you with product information and quotes.

Below are just a few examples of lifting devices available.

  Coil lifting beamCoil/Roll Lifter
  4 point lifter4 Point Lifting Beam
  Center Clevis Spreader Beam
Spreader Beam with Center Clevis
  Spreader BeamSpreader Beam  
  Container beam Shipping Container Beam   Coil lifting beamCoil Lifting Device  
  Adjustable Spread Plate Hooks  
Pinned Plate Hook

Pinned Plate hook beamPinned Plate Hook

  Fixed Plate Hook  

Aluminum lifting device designed and fabricated for chrome plating rolls weighing up to 5 ton and also having the ability to conduct 60,000 amps for the chroming process. The aluminum device is then mounted to a custom designed lifting beam with copper lifting bars.


Pallet lifter Pallet Lifter

  Stainless Bag BeamStainless Steel Bag Lifter  

Pin Type Lifting Tongs


Custom Lifting Tongs

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